Our Founding

The Christ Congregational Church grew out of the Logos Bible Study Fellowship, which began meeting weekly at The Lodge on West Shepherd in downtown Lufkin on August 23rd, 2009.  The group quickly sensed the need to establish a church that was liturgical in worship, but evangelical in its preaching and teaching.

In January 2010, after much prayer and preparation, the group called the Reverend Randall K. Green to shepherd them through the process of becoming a church.  Christ Congregational Church was officially “birthed” on May 23rd, 2010, exactly 9 months to the day after the Logos Bible Study Fellowship had begun meeting in The Lodge.

The date was not picked at random.  May 23rd, 2010 was Pentecost Sunday,” the ancient birthday of the church according to Acts 2, and therefore the 123 charter members of Christ Church wanted to begin their new venture for Christ on a day with ties to the early growth of the church.

The newly founded Christ Congregational Church subsequently called the Reverend Randall K. Green to remain as their first official minister.

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