What does “evangelical” mean?

For many, the words “evangelical” and “fundamentalist” are synonymous; but they are not.  In his book, Evangelicalism & the Future of Christianity, Oxford University scholar, Alister McGrath,  has helpfully delineated 6 “controlling convictions” of any church that would call itself “evangelical,” all 6 of which Christ Church affirms, and which is assumed in our use of the term, “evangelical”:

  1. The supreme authority of Scripture as a source of knowledge of God and a guide to Christian living.
  2. The majesty of Jesus Christ, both as incarnate God and Lord and as the Savior of sinful humanity.
  3. The lordship of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The need for personal conversion.
  5. The priority of evangelism for both individual Christians and the church as a whole.
  6. The importance of the Christian community for spiritual nourishment, fellowship and growth.