It is not for nothing that St. Augustine is quoted as having said, “He who sings prays twice.”  And to be sure, most would agree that whatever else it is, music is a powerful language unto itself, capable of  speaking comfort and joy to the soul in a heavenly, mystical syntax all its own, and when wedded to edifying texts, useful in enhancing  and shedding new and inspiring light on spiritual nuances of those texts not apparent otherwise.

In this sense, throughout its history, the church has found the gift of music to be unparalleled in its capacity to lift the souls of worshipers heavenward.  The French composer, Gabriel Fauré, himself a life-long church musician,  perhaps said it best:  “For me, the purpose of art, and especially of music, is to lift us as high as possible above the mundane.”

Christ Church, then,  invites you to escape the mundane by exploring possibilities of musical service in the following groups:

Should you desire to contribute musically in ways not listed above, we would love to speak with you about those possibilities, too.  You are encouraged to contact us.