The Sacrament of The Communion of the Lord’s Supper

As stated in Article XI, ¶ 4 of the Christ Congregational Church  Declaration of Faith  we believe the Communion of the Lord’s Supper “to be an ordinance of perpetual obligation, to be observed in the Church as a commemorative symbol of Christ’s atoning death, a seal of its efficacy, a token of the believer’s faith in Christ, and a means whereby Christ confirms and strengthens the spiritual union and communion of believers with Himself and with each other.”


Though we do not believe that the elements of bread and wine used in communion become in any way the actual body and blood of Christ, neither do we believe that communion is simply a “memorial” service.  Rather, we believe that Christ is spiritually present at communion and that the elements are used by Him as spiritual means through which he comforts, encourages and otherwise strengthens those who “feed upon Him in faith.”

At Christ Church, we observe “open communion,” which, in practice,  simply means that any professing and baptized Christian is welcome at the Lord’s Table, regardless of his Church affiliation.