The Lord Christ instructed us, as His ambassadors,  to take His light into the world, which involves not only sharing the good news of the gospel but also meeting the tangible needs of people as we are given opportunity.  That mandate, which applies both to the church as a collective body and to its individual members, frames Christ Church’s approach to “missions,” which can be summarized under three points:

1. Christ Church believes that God called it into existence as a spiritual body in Lufkin, Texas principally to serve the needs of this community, without denying its obligation to support mission efforts, as a body, both financially and tangibly, in other areas of our state, nation, or world, as the Lord leads us so to do.    But our first organizational priority, as we understand it, is to be salt and light in Lufkin–to proclaim the good news of the gospel here, and to live the gospel here by ministering first to the people of Lufkin and the surrounding area.

2. Christ Church believes that its individual members, as they go about their daily lives, wherever they may be,  are called personally to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others and to seek to meet the tangible needs of others as they are led and enabled by the Holy Spirit so to do.

3. Christ Church believes that its individual members should be given the opportunity to contribute financially, as the Holy Spirit directs them, to specific mission offerings collected by the church, offerings designed specifically to support other Christians’ proclamation of the gospel and the relief of those in distress, both in Lufkin and elsewhere.