Children’s Chapel

The Word of God clearly directs both parents and the church to cooperate in the effort to  “Train up a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22.6).  To that end, and believing that it is important that our children hear God’s Word and understand its meaning as it applies specifically to their young lives, Christ Church offers a weekly Sunday School class for children, 5-11, that meets at 9:30 AM each Sunday.

The  class follows a curriculum which emphasizes  Bible teaching, application lessons, and memorization.  Various activities, including games and music,  help the children internalize the scriptural truths they are discovering.  Then, not only do they have opportunity to periodically share these truths in the main worship service,  presenting Bible verses and music they have learned, but more importantly, we believe, they will carry these life-changing messages with them throughout their lives.

At Christ Church, we feel especially blessed:  first, God has sent us a delightful group of culturally diverse children with which to work, and second, he has provided  volunteer leaders (many of them professionally trained educators) who, serving under the coordinative leadership of our director, Becky Kelly,  simultaneously enrich their own lives and the lives of the children with whom God entrusts us!

For more information about children’s Sunday School at Christ Church, please contact us.